My goal in creating Freexpressions was to find a quick, uncomplicated solution for hands-free breast pumping that didn't involve having to change into or out of clothing.

As a registered nurse and lactation consultant, I have been assisting new families with breastfeeding for over 25 years. A number of mothers I see are in situations where they need to use a breast pump. Many find the process restrictive & time-consuming.

This is especially true for mothers with premature or sick infants; as well as mothers faced with breastfeeding challenges that necessitate long-term pumping. These breast pumping moms sacrifice meeting their own needs to provide optimal nutrition for their babies.

"Freexpressions gives mothers back some of their time!"

Hands-free breast pumping gives mothers back some of their time. Though mostly a sedentary activity, breast pumping does not have to restrict access to items a mother might want. When using a hands-free pumping device like Freexpressions, all that's necessary is situating items within reach.

Mothers can use their pumping time to eat, drink, use the computer, call a friend or family member; or any number of activities that are in close proximity.

Merilee Brigham, RN, BSN, IBCLC, RLC
Lactation consultant, Perinatal nurse educator

United States Patent and Trademark Office - Patent #7611399


Freexpressions hands-free breast pumping cord...breast pumping just got a whole lot easier!